System Requirements

Blue Twilight is a web application written in PHP and using a MariaDB or MySQL database for storing metadata about your photos and settings for the application.

The following are requirements for your server or web hosting:

  • PHP 5.6.4 (7.0 recommended)
  • MariaDB 10.0 or above, or MySQL 5.1 (5.6 or above recommended)
  • 1 processor core
  • 1GB RAM
  • 100MB hard disk space (SSD recommended)

Additional hard disk space is required for the storage of your photos. As well as the original image, a number of thumbnails will be stored, so allow for twice the file size of each photo when calculating how much storage you need.

Alternatively, you can connect OpenStack-compatible services to Blue Twilight to store your photos in “the cloud.” This is what I do on my own site – I use Memset‘s Memstore cloud storage service to hold my image files.

The following PHP modules are required (these are fairly standard and should be enabled on most web hosting packages):

  • cURL
  • GD
  • XML (dom and simplexml)