Getting started

This guide is designed to get you up and running quickly with Blue Twilight. It will teach you the basics of uploading your photos and displaying them in your gallery.


Blue Twilight is divided into two main applications.

The Public Gallery is the website your visitors use to view your albums and photos. It is the first page your visitor will see when they visit your Blue Twilight link.

The Gallery Admin is the back-end application you use to manage and configure your Blue Twilight system. In the Gallery Admin, you create albums, upload photos and manage user accounts.

Visual tour

The Blue Twilight user interface is divided into three sections:

Main Navigation Menu: Items on the main navigation menu allow you to move through different areas of the application – albums, labels, the statistics page and the Gallery Admin (when logged in.)

User Menu: You and your visitors can register new accounts (if you choose to allow this) and login using the buttons on the user menu. When logged in, this menu allows the user to configure their settings and logout.

Photo Gallery/Main Screen: The rest of the screen is used for the photo gallery and the page content. For example, when in Gallery Admin, the main screen displays the configuration screens and options.

Uploading your first photo

Blue Twilight organises your photos into digital albums, just like you would in real life with printed photos.

Each album has a “storage” behind it, which is the device on which Blue Twilight physically stores your photo files. By default, Blue Twilight will store images in the same folder as the application, but you can configure other folders, or cloud storage such as Amazon and Rackspace.

Create an album to hold your photos

To upload your first photo, login as your administrator user and click the “Manage” link to access the Gallery Admin.

Once inside Gallery Admin, click the Albums item in the Manage widget:

Click the “Create a photo album” button.

Give your new album a name and description (which will be displayed to your visitors) and click the Create button.

Blue Twilight will display the Manage album screen for your new album. From here you can upload new photos, manage photos already in this album, rename the album and configure the permissions for who can access the album.

Click the Upload photos button.

Upload photos into your new album

Blue Twilight provides two options for uploading photos: individually or in a zip file. For this tutorial, we will use the individual option.

From your album’s Upload tab, click the Browse button in the Upload photos individually section.

Find the photos on your PC you would like to upload and select them. You can select as many photos as you like – your web browser will upload several consecutively (usually 6 at a time.)

Blue Twilight will analyse your photos after they have been uploaded to retrieve camera details (if present) and generate thumbnails. When this is complete, click the name of your gallery in the main navigation menu to get back to your gallery’s home page.

Your new album and its photos should now be displayed for your visitors to enjoy:

What next?

Now you have explored the basics of upload your photos to Blue Twilight, what’s next?