Analytics Configuration

Enable built-in visitor hit tracking

To collect “hits” against photos and albums in the Blue Twilight database, enable this tick box. This will reporting on the most popular albums and photos in the future (this isn’t currently a feature.)

External analytics

If you use a service such as Google Analytics or Piwik to analyse your visitor activity, you can copy and paste the Javascript tracking code provided by these services into this text box, and it will be rendered in the footer of every page – allowing you to analyse your visitor activity.

Please note: copy the script exactly from your service provider – including the <script> tags!

If you are based in Europe and you enable visitor tracking, you will need to comply with the EU Cookie Law. The easiest way to do so is using a script like Cookie Consent by Insites.

You can add Javascript like that provided by Cookie Consent into the “external analytics” box, in addition to any other Javascript code you add, such as Google Analytics.

Information about the EU Cookie Law directive
Cookie Consent by Insites