Rackspace – Object Storage

To store your photos on Rackspace’s object storage solution, you can use the below settings. You will need to create a container to hold your photos and enable CDN support if you want to serve your photos using Rackspace’s RackCDN network.

Storage driver: Rackspace cloud storage
Username: The username you use to login to the Rackspace cloud control panel
API Key: see below
Region: the 3-character region code where your container is physically located – e.g. LON for London. See this page for a list of all regions.
Container name: the name you gave to your container when you created it


To obtain your API key, log in to the Rackspace cloud control panel.

Click your username in the top-right corner, and click “Account Settings.”

In the “Login Settings” section, click the “show” link next to “API key.”


All photos and thumbnails will be stored in a single container.

Rackspace also offer a content delivery network to allow your images to be served from their edge network rather than your server or hosting, saving your bandwidth and optimising your site for your visitors.

To enable the CDN, select the cog next to your container, and click the “Enable CDN” link as shown below: