Memset – Memstore

To store your photos on Memset’s Memstore cloud storage solution, you can use the below settings. You will need to create a container to hold your photos, and a username and password that has permissions to read and write to that container.

It’s recommended to use a dedicated user account for Blue Twilight, not the admin account created by Memset.

These details were correct at the time of writing – the most up-to-date settings can be found in Memset’s documentation.

Storage driver: OpenStack cloud storage
Authentication URL:
Tenant: the service name given to your Memstore. It can be found in your Memset control panel and will begin with “ms”
Service name: memstore
Region: reading or dunsfold (depending on the network zone your Memstore account resides in)


All photos and thumbnails will be stored in a single container.

Memset also offer a content delivery network to allow your images to be served from their edge network rather than your server or hosting, saving your bandwidth and optimising your site for your visitors.

To enable the CDN, see this Memset documentation article. You can assign the public CDN URL provided by Memset to the storage location in Blue Twilight, and it will start serving your images from the CDN.